About PhilosophyMT

Launched in 2020, PhilosophyMT serves two key purposes. First, to make philosophy accessible for those new to the field. Second, to furnish philosophy students with readily available resources. A significant proportion of the content hosted on philosophymt.com aligns with the MATSEC syllabus for Intermediate and Advanced Level philosophy, specific to Malta (EU).

At present, PhilosophyMT runs on the following channels and platforms:

  1. Main website (PhilosophyMT.com)
  2. Private lessons
  3. YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/PhilosophyMT)
  4. PhilosophyMT’s Philosophy Shorts podcast (Anchor, Apple, Overcast, Spotify, and others)

Who’s behind it?

My name is Adrian Camilleri, the founder of PhilosophyMT. After earning a BA in Philosophy and Art History (Malta), an MA in Philosophy (Wales), and teaching for a number of years, I started PhilosophyMT in 2020.