Award in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

Tailored for art lovers, artists, budding art critics, and journalists, this course will help you gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of art, preparing you for a more informed and thoughtful engagement with the art world.

Ever wondered what really makes something a ‘work of art’? Is our judgement of art just personal preference, or is there more to it? Can a flawed individual create truly great art? Our course tackles these intriguing questions and more. We explore big ideas about beauty, taste, the essence of art, and how we judge and interpret artworks.

By the end of the course, you will understand art better and grasp complex artistic theories. Moreover, you will sharpen critical skills like analysis, communication, and independent, creative thinking.

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Learning Outcomes (LOs):

LO1      Identify some of the main authors and ideas in the history of aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

LO2      Formulate the issues concerning theories within aesthetics and the philosophy of art.
LO3      Apply artistic theories and concepts in artistic practice.

LO4      Read effectively, analyse, and use primary and secondary texts.

LO5      Communicate more effectively when discussing art and artworks.

LO6      Cultivate transferable skills within the context of critiquing art.

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