Philosophy private lessons (MATSEC syllabus 2024 with past papers)

Philosophy is different from other disciplines in that it doesn’t teach you what to think, but how to think. It encourages the development of highly-prized core skills: thinking clearly, logically, and creatively; communicating articulately and accurately; analyzing critically and rigorously.

PhilosophyMT tuition by Adrian Camilleri covers:

  • Introductory courses in philosophy for adults and mature students
  • Full courses and classes in MATSEC Intermediate or Advanced Level philosophy
  • Revision and crash courses
  • Currently, all lessons are being conducted online
  • Small number of students per classroom
  • Individual attention

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Why PhilosophyMT?

“Throughout the course, Mr Camilleri has shown to have a great understanding of philosophy and is really dedicated to teaching. In the lectures he explains the topic in high detail in an engaging approach. To those who struggle understanding philosophy, I highly recommend him as a philosophy private tutor.”

– Karl Cassar
student, 2023

“Mr Adrian is very informed and passionate about the subject which he teaches. This made his lectures a pleasure to learn from as well as captivating enough to enjoy the subject and obtain a very good mark in my intermediate exam. I truly recommend his course for anyone interested.”

– Kaisy Polidano
student, 202

“Mr Camilleri is a great teacher; he has great understanding of philosophy and conveys topics concisely and effectively. He provides all the supplementary material needed to excel in the subject. I highly recommend him as a philosophy private lesson tutor.”

– Gregory Pavia
student, 2021

“The lectures delivered by Mr Camilleri were all taught in an excellent manner. He is very patient, supportive and explains the subject thoroughly in a way that can be understood by every student. It has been a great experience which I highly suggest to anyone interested in learning philosophy for both academic pursuits and personal growth.”

– Emma Grech
student, 2021

“Mr. Adrian’s lessons are very informative and he explains concepts clearly in an engaging manner. With his help I was able to obtain a good grade in my intermediate exam and I highly recommend him as a teacher of philosophy.”

Julian Formosa
student, 2021

“It was a pleasure learning from Mr Adrian! Through the pandemic, he immediately switched our lessons online and made sure they were held normally. The lessons were clearly taught, explained in depth, and he made sure we were kept motivated. He managed to give us individual attention and made certain that everyone understood the concepts discussed. As an A-level student of philosophy, I managed to get a good grade for university immediately, in the first session! I would definitely recommend going to Mr Adrian to whoever is considering taking up philosophy private lessons!”

Jeanelle Decelis
student, 2020

“I am an ex-student of Mr. Adrian Camilleri. I took the Philosophy Intermediate exam in May 2019.

He was an excellent teacher and he taught me for only a few months. I wasn’t particularly studious and despite the generic format of the Philosophy exam he made it fascinating and still managed to cover everything in the syllabus.

I wouldn’t have been able to succeed without his help. If anyone is struggling with Philosophy and doesn’t feel confident about the subject, I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than him.

Most teachers and lecturers tend to treat their role in society as nothing other than a job. Very few teachers are like Mr Camilleri, that care for the students and do everything they can to help them and build rapport with them. He went over and above his role to help me when I was in a difficult situation. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to write this testimonial as I never properly thanked him for everything he did for me.”

George Portelli
student, 2019

“Adrian Camilleri was a fantastic teacher during my experience of learning the Philosophy Intermediate syllabus in the summer of 2019. I managed to cover the entire course from start to finish within that summer, and the results I achieved are primarily attributed to the teacher’s well-planned lessons and effective homework assignments.”

Andrew Sharples
student, 2019

“Mr. Camilleri was one of the best teachers that I have ever had. One can clearly see that he is very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching philosophy. The lessons were always engaging and interactive. Thanks to him, I now have a better understanding of ethical issues and my own position on them. He also taught me how to construct a stronger argument and support it with facts.

He was able to cover all the necessary material for the MATSEC exam in less than a year, giving me ample time to review, practice questions, and address any queries I had. Moreover, he willingly accepted a piece of work that I sent him just one day before the exam, promptly correcting it and providing feedback.

Considering the tight timeline I had to meet for the exam, Mr. Camilleri adapted his teaching methods effectively, ensuring that I could grasp and comprehend philosophy better. Thanks to his guidance, I not only acquired a deeper knowledge but also achieved a good grade.”

Michaela Sultana
student, 2019

“Professionally, Adrian is a dedicated lecturer who puts the students’ interests before his own. On a personal level, he is a very social individual who appreciates the value of friendship and the need to cultivate healthy relations with his students and colleagues.”

Jean Buttigieg
former Head of Philosophy Department
University of Malta Junior College

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